Covid-19 Policy for the Adventure Birding Company:

Adventure Birding Company is strongly committed not only to protecting the environment upon which we all depend, but to our community and the visiting birders we serve. When looking for a professional birding guide and tour company one looks for a number of qualities. These include experience, skill, guides who are fun, and a company that holds the proper permits. We maintain that the number one job for a tour leader is to ensure the safety of all of the participants on our tours. We take this job seriously.

After careful consideration, ABC has decided to offer Covid-19-aware day trip and custom tours for individuals and groups known to one another in 2021. Set-departure tours with individuals who are not known to each other are currently paused.


IMPORTANT: Should it be necessary to cancel a tour due to changing Covid-19 conditions, participants will receive a full refund and will receive priority booking should they choose to reschedule at a later time.



  • Do not travel if you are sick, or have been around someone who is or was sick. Since many do not receive timely Covid-19 testing, and false negative tests are possible, feeling sick or exposure to someone who is or was sick, even without a Covid-19 positive test, will postpone a tour with ABC. ABC will refund any deposit or monies paid if you need to cancel due to sickness or potential exposure.
  • Bring your mask(s) and wear them anytime we are in close quarters. Our guides will strictly adhere to this and ask all participants do so. We will provide additional masks for participants if theirs are lost or otherwise rendered unusable.
  • Guides and participants will travel to birding locations separately. Participants will need to furnish their own personal vehicle, or rental vehicle. Guides will ensure that participants have correct GPS coordinates programmed into their device or smartphone before traveling to each spot.
  • Social distancing must be maintained on trails, or masks covering face and nose must be worn. Some situations might require both precautions.
  • If participants have their own scope they are welcome to bring it. Guides will furnish a scope for their own use. Unfortunately at this time when physical distancing is so critical, the typical tour practice of sharing a guide’s scope is considered too high risk.
  • Wash your hands often, refrain from touching your face, particularly eyes, nose and mouth. Hand sanitizer will be furnished, though it is highly recommended that you bring your own.
  • Meals with guides will be take-out or packed lunches. Participants are of course free to choose dine-in options without guides; we prefer to keep indoor time with groups of people to an absolute minimum.


We will continue to stay abreast of changing conditions during the pandemic and commit to following all recommendations outlined by the Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  Current information may be found here: