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Keith Kamper

Keith Kamper grew up in Michigan where he spent his childhood observing and catching snakes, frogs, turtles, and insects. He became hooked on birds at an early age and has amassed over 35 years of serious birding experience, including over 17 years as a professional birding guide. He has led tours in Mexico, Belize and Guatemala, and enjoys birding the neotropics and beyond; his favorite area to bird and to guide, however, is southeast Arizona, where he resides.

Keith is a founding member of the Arizona Field Ornithologists and is on Tucson Audubon Society’s Board of Directors, which gives him the opportunity to combine his passion and expertise on birds and birding with his educational background in Sociology in service to advocacy for conservation. He serves on Tucson Audubon’s Conservation Committee and the Paton Project Team, a group responsible for developing the former residence of Wally and Marion Paton - already a world-class birding destination - into a premier center for educating visitors about the truly unique, distinctly Madrean avifauna of Arizona’s Patagonia Mountains and the Sonoita Creek Watershed.

Keith has a strong interest in the status and distribution of Arizona’s birds, and serves on the Arizona Bird Committee. He enjoys everything from targeted birding and photo tours to more general nature expeditions, and is particularly adept at identifying birds by their vocalizations. He especially enjoys sharing his passion with newer birders, young and young at heart.

Favorite recent adventure: Exploring three distinct bio-regions in Brazil: the world’s largest wetlands in Pantanal; the Minas Gerais and its endemic Brazilian Merganser; and Cristalino Jungle Lodge within the Amazon basin - all as part of a good friend’s 50th Birthday Celebration with several dozen friends. What a way to celebrate a milestone! 


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