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"Hope to meet up with you in the future & will definitely recommend you if I hear of anyone looking for Arizona birds."
-Bron R, Rockport, TX

"It was spectacular to see ten species of hummingbirds up close -- our experienced birders appreciated John and Jake's insights and depth of ornithological knowledge of southern Arizona.  It has been great working with you and don't hesitate to use me as a reference if you want to."
-Bob W, Audubon Pennsylvania

"John provided an unbelievable job of birding. His knowledge and expertise was astounding.  Of course his knowledge was not limited to the birding aspect of the matter but extended to an excellent knowledge of other fauna and flora.  As we expected there were a few (very few and they were long shots to begin with) target birds which we did not find but this was not for a lack of trying by John.  Because of John we managed to get the Elf Owl which was not even on our possible list.  John is on our list as our guide for our next trip to Arizona which is being planned now mainly because of the positive experience on this trip."
-Robert B, Louisiana

Of all the birding guides I have ever worked with Jake Mohlmann of Adventure Birding is the finest.  He has an intimate knowledge of the birds of the Southwest and where they can be found.  He is dedicated to finding them for you and making sure that you get a good look at them.  If you are plannning a trip to Arizona or Mexico and you want to see your target birds you should contact Jake.
-Dick Ryley, Warwick, NY

"John: Thanks for everything!  I had a ball!  Hope things work out for you and Jake in Argentina!"
-Linda Matula, New Jersey

"We had a great time - thanks.  Ann is now interested in birding where she hadn't been before."
-Phil L, Bucks County, PA

"It was such a memorable trip.  Great video of the Magnificent Hummingbird in the snow and of course Mr. Flame among others.  Had 167 species in AZ."
-Clive B, Norway

"Hi John: Just wanted to say THANKS and we had a great time on the Big Bend/Kerrville trip - the birds, sights and company were amazing!  You are a bird-finding wonder!  9 lifers (and boatloads of other cool birds) - what more could anyone want?"
-Keelin M, New York City

"Thanks again for the very good time.  Also, please forward a copy of that great picture you got of the Plain-capped Starthroat when you get a chance - mine as you know were all blurry (I was probably too excited to focus properly!)  Thanks again!"
-Steve M, Sedalia, CO

"We both hope to return to your region in a different season for more birding.  We enjoyed our day very much and will be in touch when we return....I will check your site periodically for news on trips."
-Doreen G, Seattle WA

"Thanks again for such a successful and enjoyable trip.  I look forward to contacting you again in the future to look for winter birds and (the very few) missed targets.  Throughout the trip, I hugely appreciated your diligence and professionalism and I enjoyed your company."
-Austin M, Edgewater, NJ

"Thank you so much for the e-mail which highlighted our trip to the canyon.  What a magical place, I had a great time. Cheers - keep in touch!"
-Donna H, Kodiak, AK

"....thank you for your excellent help!!  ps: i will tell the Finnish birders who are coming to AZ, that you are excellent bird guide!"
-Risto S, Finland